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  • Label: GREYSCALE
  • Número de Catálogo: 44
  • Categoria: Musica Popular
  • Sub-categoria: ROCK
  • Data de Lançamento: 01/12/2017
  • Código de Barras: 506023086974


    • 01 01 Little Girl
    • 01 02 Round and Round
    • 01 03 Baby Love
    • 01 04 I Apologize
    • 01 05 Black Friday
    • 01 06 New York City (Who Am I?)
    • 01 07 I Need Your Love
    • 01 08 Motions of Love
    • 01 09 Silver
    • 01 10 Love Is Not Enough

  • Observações:
    CD reissue. It has been said that legendary Beatles guitarist George Harrison, despite not being into the idea when Apple Records was first mooted, became so enamored of being a record company executive that he and Ringo actually wanted to buy Apple Records rather than have it stagger off into insolvency. As history shows, this didn't happen but, in 1974, he launched his own label Dark Horse Records. The most commercially successful act on the label was a duo called Splinter, whose debut album and single were both international hits. Although the duo of Purvis and Elliott continued to perform together until 1984, Two Man Band was the last Splinter album released in most countries and their final album on Dark Horse Records. Harrison is credited as co-executive producer, and played some of the guitar. The main production duties were entrusted to Norbert Putnam. This album had two singles released "Round & Round" b/w "I'll Bend for You". The latter was a non-LP track and lastly "Motions of Love" as double-sided promo single in 1977. "Motions" did get released in 1978 with a B side of "I Need Your Love". Again, this is an extraordinary record, and one which I seriously hope is going to make more friends now than it did when it first came out in 1977!


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